May 22, 2021

Expert Option Login

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Quick login to the platform

You can log in to the ExpertOption platform using the button below

If you are on the ExpertOption login page it means that you are already registered and want to log in to the trading platform or you want to register with the Expert Option brokerage firm. ExpertOption trading platform started its work on the market in early 2015. Despite strong competition, the company continues to win the trust of investors, improves the service, offers traders favorable trading conditions, training opportunities, etc.

ExpertOption available for traders from all countries except: Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, EU (all countries), Israel.

How to Login on the ExpertOption platform

To log in ExpertOption platform, use the buttons above. If you are not registered yet, you can use the registration form, which will help you log in and start trading in one click. If you don’t remember your password, use your email to restore it or contact support.

expert option login page

Don’t forget that you can always download the ExpertOption app for your device and log in with your credentials. Trading using the app is more convenient and faster.

login form

To log in to the platform, use the e-mail address that you registered with earlier. You can also log in to the platform using your Facebook or Google account. You should keep in mind that if you registered using email then you need to log in to the platform using your email.

expert option login form

How to Login to Demo Account

Go to the ExpertOption website and click on the “Try free demo” button. The web-based platform will be opened automatically. At the top of the screen, you will see the size of the virtual deposit ($10,000). 

To switch to a Real Account, press the exit button. Confirm that you want to leave. Go to the ExpertOptions login page and enter the other account. You can also switch back to demo in the same fashion. As you can see, login to ExpertOption is simple.

How Can You Open Your ExpertOption Account

To use a demo account, you only need to click on the “Try Free Demo” button on the home page. To access the real market, go to the ExpertOption homepage and click on the “Real Account” button in the side menu, which takes you to the ExpertOptions login page. Create an email and password, or use Google for login to ExpertOption. Accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy before clicking on the “Open Account” button.


Quick login to the platform

You can log in to the ExpertOption platform using the button below

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