January 5, 2021

ExpertOption India: How It Works

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ExpertOption is a renowned broker with a growing audience in India. Since 2014, this company has gained the trust of 25 million clients in 48 countries. With its focus on binary options, low-deposit entry, and premium services, the broker stands out from the competition. Find out more in our Expertoption review for India.

Expertoption India Short Review 

Online trading has been popular since the 1990s, but the demand has now soared. Due to the global pandemic, millions of people are searching for viable sources of income online. Trading allows anyone to monetize knowledge. It involves three steps:

  1. making a deposit, 
  2. trading in the largest financial markets (Forex, stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrencies),
  3. withdrawal of profits.

The choice of a broker is a primary decision for every trader. Reliable intermediaries are legal in India, and they provide affordable access to the markets. Such companies offer powerful software, education, and around-the-clock support. 

All these features are competitive advantages of ExpertOption. It is a leading provider of binary options in India. If you are only starting to explore trading, check our beginners guide for the basics.

Background Information

The company is officially registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is licensed by the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) and the FMRRC (Financial Market Relations Regulation Center), so its operations are legal in India. Today, it offers 100+ instruments across a range of markets. Clients can create diverse portfolios to grow their capital wisely. 

The company has favorable conditions for beginners and experts alike. Starters may open a free demo account with a $10,000 virtual balance and practice at their own pace. Experienced traders take advantage of the VIP features of advanced accounts like Gold. ExpertOption takes pride in its impressive strengths:

ExpertOption भारत

  • 100+ instruments including binary options trading;
  • 20+ payment methods (all popular credit/debit cards, bank wires, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller);
  • profit of up to 95% on some assets;
  • commission-free withdrawals;
  • a stellar trading platform for desktop and mobile devices (Windows/Mac, Android/iOS),
  • 24-hour support even on weekends.

Overview of Instruments

ExpertOption is legal in India, so residents can make money from home or even on the go. With over a hundred instruments available, ExpertOption suits everyone’s needs. Here is how its key asset groups compare.

How Forex Works

All world currencies are valued against one another, forming pairs. The foreign exchange is the largest global market — its daily turnover is 6+ trillion US dollars. Until the 1990s, it was only accessible for large players like banks or hedge funds. Today, any individual with a registered account may access the exchange using a trading platform.

Traders buy and sell currencies to profit from changes in rates caused by economic and political drivers. To foresee these trends, they use special aids (technical indicators, calendars, etc.) integrated into all the ExpertOption platforms. They need to predict where the price will move, and how much the asset will gain or lose.

Unlike binary options trading, Forex does not involve expiry dates — a position may remain open for minutes, days, or weeks. Traders may also program the system to execute their trade automatically at a certain price (via Stop Loss or Take Profit). Finally, they may use leverage — a portion of their broker’s funds — to trade more than they invest

How Binary Options Work

Binary options traders aim to foresee the direction of their instrument (up or down). If their suggestion is right, they gain a fixed amount of profit known beforehand. If the market moves against them, they only lose their deposit. Binary options may be linked to commodities, stocks, or currencies, and they have an expiration period. 

Binary options are attractive to many traders for three reasons. First, they know exactly how much they can gain and over what period. Secondly, they only need to foresee the direction of the price, rather than its exact level. Thirdly, there is a wide range of assets to choose from. These are stocks of the largest corporations, commodities like crude oil, and more.
Overview of Instruments

Types of Accounts

The broker offers six types of accounts. They have different entry requirements, so you do not have to deposit a lot from the get-go. This is great for neophytes and cautious traders.

ExpertOption account types

  • Those who want to start small can do it with only $10 via a Micro account. 
  • A Basic account may be opened for $50. 
  • A Silver account is the most popular. It comes with free expert guidance and requires $500 to start. 
  • A Gold account provides exclusive features for a minimum deposit of $2,500. 
  • A Platinum account requires $5,000, but it gives access to the broker’s expertise and exclusive account management. 
  • Finally, serious investors may open an Exclusive account by invitation. 

How to Open a Demo Account

Most brokers require registration for demo use. ExpertOption has a unique approach: traders may access the mode right on the site — there is no form to fill out. Just click on the ‘Try free demo’ button, and the platform will open in the browser window. 

A demo is indispensable for anyone who is serious about Forex and binary options trading. It is an opportunity to practice before venturing out into the live market. Every beginner is given $10,000 to trade with. 

This does not mean you start from the same demo balance every time you access the system. The browser will store cookies, so you can pick up where you left off. This is much simpler than the standard path where you would need to register an account, install the system, and then use your demo login and password to unlock it.


Open a Demo Account

You can log in to the ExpertOption platform using the button below


ExpertOption India is a licensed broker that has operated globally since 2014. The company offers over a hundred instruments: currencies, stocks, commodities, and crypto. It is a leading provider of binary options in India. Today, it caters to beginners and experts due to its wide range of accounts. The unlimited web-based demo, broad choice of payment methods, and responsive support ensure flexibility and convenience for everyone.
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