Forex Market News: Top 10 Sites 

September 27, 2020

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A trader should keep a close eye on news feeds. Top forex news sites distinguish important events that may sway the value of world currencies. Their forecasts and summaries will allow you to capitalize on market movements.  

Importance of Forex News

Financial news is the cornerstone of fundamental analysis. Trading the news is an essential skill. Traders need a reliable source of reports to make profitable decisions. The best sites provide a mix of sources and data types. They have forums where users share experience and useful features that facilitate trading. 

Top Sites With Forex Markets News

Forex news

Not all FX sites can be trusted. It is important to choose a reliable site that will not misguide you. Here are ten sources of news worth considering. Read the list of sites we have compiled with Expertoption.broker


On average, EarnForex publishes seven articles daily. These are concise and cover specific currencies. They give quotes, stats, links and other useful data. The site is easy to navigate, and users may filter content by currency. Both Forex latest news and archives may be searched through. 

Importantly, EarnForex is not just for traders of Majors and Minors. Exotic pairs receive their share of coverage. The site offers Forex tools and ebooks. Users can share experience on the forum.

Updates appear at different times during the day. As a rule, morning stories are devoted to likely market movements. They are followed by articles with analysis of changes observed on that day. 

New stories are linked to previous reports, which is useful. This way, traders can see the bigger picture and anticipate changes. They have sufficient basis for conclusions about the health of different currencies.

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9. Action Forex

Those who focus on Major and Minor pairs will find this site particularly useful. It is a good idea to make their weekly outlook reports a part of your Monday routine. These focus on technical analysis, but the website offers a balance of technical and fundamental data. 

Secondly, only some stories are written by the staff. Traders may find articles by brokers and banks that contribute to the site. This variety ensures a more objective view of the market.

Visit Action Forex for thorough reporting covering both analysis styles. It is a great source of insights for traders of the most liquid pairs. There is no shortage of information concerning the psychology of Forex and effective strategies. 

8. ForexNews

This source is preferred by traders with a broader view that includes Forex and cryptocurrencies. The staff also publish reviews of brokerage firms. These are useful for rookies and anyone in search of a new provider.

The finance section has business news, which is particularly valuable for stock traders. Generally, there aren’t that many Forex articles, as the focus is clearly tilted towards cryptocurrencies. For example, the education section is almost entirely devoted to them. 

6. BabyPips

This site is one of the top educational sources, as it has countless articles and glossaries. Both predictions and summaries are given. Every Monday, the staff releases a fresh forecast for the week. Every Friday, there is a new weekly review. The content is well-organized and engaging. It is clearly orientated towards the US dollar.

On the downside, technical analysts may find the site less informative. It clearly gravitates towards the fundamentals. Still, those who want a source entirely focused on Forex news today should consider it. There is also a forum where they can share ideas with peers. 

6. FX Empire

Fx Empire has Forex news and forecasts. Just one news story appears daily, but forecasts are frequent. Sometimes, a bunch of articles is released within a couple of hours. Users may also filter the content to find what they need. 

Aside from Forex, FxEmpire also touches upon stocks, commodities, and market indices. The breadth of scope and quality of content makes it one of the most popular Forex news sites today. 

5. Forexlive

This source has a prolific team of experts, as it publishes a big number of articles every day. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most prominent FX sites today. It also features a section on cryptocurrencies.

Despite the brevity of most stories (around a hundred words), the range of topics is impressive. Readers are also encouraged to perform their own analysis. Forexlive provides them with direction, and it has a special technical section which is packed with charts and figures. 

4. Investing.com

This is a comprehensive source of information for different groups of online investors. The content covers a broad range of instruments: Forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The news is also categorized — e.g., there are economic and political sections. 

Investing.com has a wealth of information for technical analysts. It offers candlestick charts and live charts highlighting impactful events and important patterns. Multiple summaries and tools allow readers to make informed decisions. 

A lot of attention is devoted to pivot points and moving averages. A special section offers summaries of major pairs by various indicators. Finally, the ‘money’ section is worth visiting, as it gives valuable personal finance tips. 

3. DailyFX

This popular website is focused on Forex trading news. It also touches lightly upon commodities, market indices and crypto. The staff includes talented analysts who assess the market every day. Given the scope and depth of analysis, the popularity of DailyFX is unsurprising.

The articles are brief but informative, and conclusions are reliable. Importantly, they are always based on evidence from technical analysis. There is an entire page on this method. The site is a valuable source of strategy suggestions as well. 

Visit DailyFX to understand the current market sentiment. You can see if the exchange is bearish or bullish at the moment. The site gives the percentage of participants trading different pairs. 

2. Forex Factory

Unlike rivals, Forex Factory does not offer its own articles. Instead, it is a powerful aggregator of the latest Forex news. The information is pulled from many trusted sites. This gives readers a wide range of sources. They may compare analysis from different teams by visiting a single website. 

Here, FX news is also categorized by the scope of impact. There are three options: high, medium, and low. Stories are marked with red, orange, or yellow based on how strongly they are likely to affect prices.

Another unique feature is information about actual trades in progress. This shows you how participants are faring against the market. It is also possible to copy those trades for better results. Finally, the Forex Factory forum is one of the best Forex communities online.

1. FXStreet

Our number one choice offers a wealth of information for lucrative trades. Multiple articles appear daily, but readers do not have to refresh the page — the updates are automatic. 

The thematic range extends beyond just Majors and Minors. Without fail, this is one of the best sources for Forex news India and any FX trader in general. 

The site covers subjects that may affect world economies. Cryptocurrencies are also analysed. Some articles come from banks and brokers, and the rest are written by the staff.

Filtering is convenient. Users may easily find updates and analysis for their instruments. It is also possible to pick out major events like Brexit or Trump’s trade war with China.

Forex News Trading Strategy

Popular sources offer data for technical and fundamental analysts. They often cover several instruments. In addition to Forex, users may read about crypto coins, commodities, indices, and stocks. A trusted site is a treasure trove of information for your Forex news trading strategy.

Top choices offer a mix of sources: there are stories written by their teams, large banks, and trusted brokers. Forex sites provide useful tools, forecasts and summaries. However, readers should not trust them blindly. Conduct your own analysis using the data, and make informed decisions. If you decide to learn how to trade using news, register here

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